Joseph Fraunhofer was knighted by King Maximilian II of Bavaria in 1824. His Optical Institute was widely recognized as the world’s leading producer of fine optics, helping put Bavaria on the map as a center of innovation.

Fraunhofer stopped at nothing to achieve the results he desired. If no existing device was capable of measuring with the precision he required, he invented it. Like his spectroscope. A device that would go on to influence a wide range of scientific disciplines.

To Fraunhofer, the spectroscope was the best way to improve his optical glass. It allowed him to measure the performance of the final product with far greater precision than ever before.

Fast forward 200 years, and the institute that bears Fraunhofer’s name has adopted another revolutionary device — but this time, the innovation comes from WAVELABS.

Like the spectroscope before it did, our SINUS-220 solar simulator lets manufacturers measure the quality of their products with greater precision than ever before. And of course we subject our own SINUS-220 units to strict quality controls. How do we measure the accuracy of the spectrum our SINUS-220 units emit? With a spectroscope, of course.

In acquiring the SINUS-220, Fraunhofer has started a new chapter in a 200-year tradition of precision. For us, it’s an accolade that feels a lot like how Joseph Fraunhofer must have felt that day, standing before the king.

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