Humans have relied on accurate weights and measures since the dawn of civilization. In ancient Rome, standard measures like the modius were maintained by imperial regulations, enabling trade across the empire.

In much the way a Roman foot was the same length in Alexandria as in Roman Britain, a 260-watt-rated solar panel from China should output the same maximum power as one
from Norway. Fraunhofer ISE, as one of the world’s most trusted institutions for PV characterization and calibration, is one of a handful of organizations around the world that
make it so.

With the recent SINUS-220 order placed by Fraunhofer ISE (home of the internationally renowned CalLab), WAVELABS is now proud to be a part of another major PV institution’s
efforts to enhance performance and quality across the industry.

Among many other characterization and calibration services, Fraunhofer ISE’s CalLab manufactures WPSV solar cells, also known as “golden cells”, which are used as yardsticks for PV metrology applications by manufacturers around the globe.

With the SINUS-220, Fraunhofer ISE hopes to experience greater spectral stability and less maintenance compared to its existing xenon flashers for characterization work.
Depending on the results obtained from initial projects, the SINUS-220 may also see duty in the CalLab. After SERIS, Fraunhofer CSP, and Q CELLS, this deal marks yet another high-profile PV organization to catch the LED wave.


The SINUS-220 LED solar simulator is currently one of the best simulators under the sun, providing nearly flawless efficiency measurement of solar cells.


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