If you want to revolutionize solar metrology, access to the largest market for photovoltaics in the world is a must.* That’s why WAVELABS has engaged an established distributor in mainland China that possesses an exceptional network of existing PV manufacturing customers: JSun International Limited will now distribute and service WAVELABS products in China. This new partnership will let us hit the ground running in a vast market that harbors enormous potential.

JSun has the right service engineers to rapidly and correctly install and service our SINUS-220 in addition to considerable experience with automation and metrology in PV manufacturing. We’re confident and excited to have found an ideal solution and partner in JSun. Best of all, the feeling is mutual:

JSun’s Bill Xia is pleased to have the “high-quality and, equally important in China, high-throughput” WAVELABS technology in their portfolio. The company will feature the SINUS-220 as an example of highly advanced technology at their upcoming Technology Day on Nov. 28. JSun expects to see considerable interest in WAVELABS at the event.

Bill Xia | bill.xia@jsuntronic.com | Phone: +86 1380 183 9820



The SINUS-220 LED solar simulator is currently one of the best simulators under the sun, providing nearly flawless efficiency measurement of solar cells.


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