Dipl.-Ing. Jörn Suthues

Principal Product Development

Jörn Suthues is the founder and inventor of the LED solar simulator SINUS-220. He is a Diplomingenieur (Graduate of engineering from a university of applied sciences) in the field of electrical engineering and Diplomingenieur in the field of energy systems technology.

Jörn Suthues possesses engineering degrees in electronics and energy systems technology. He has been working with photovoltaics since 1998, focusing on systems analysis and metrology. In 2004, he assumed responsibility for metrology at Q-Cells SE, the global industry leader at the time. There, Mr. Suthues established the largest and most modern photovoltaic laboratory the world had ever seen. Starting in 2010, he worked both as an independent consultant in the field of metrology as well as for bt-imaging (high-tech measurement for solar cell manufacturers) as the head of it technical service operations in Europe. In 2011, he partnered with Torsten Brammer to found the engineering firm ib*sb, which specialized in metrology engineering for the photovoltaic industry, laying the foundation for the establishment of WAVELABS in October 2011.