Most people use their garages to park their cars. A select few found global enterprises in them. WAVELABS does both. The three founders — experts in photovoltaics and commerce — have combined their extensive skills to successfully launch new careers as entrepreneurs. But instead of high-end office space or a technology park, they’ve chosen a former warehouse for engine parts in Leipzig to launch their new venture. There, Dr. Torsten Brammer, Jörn Suthues and the company’s CFO Dr. Thankmar Wagner have developed a solar sensation for the sustainable energy world: LED-based sun simulation.

Meet our team



WAVELABS stands for next-generation solar simulation. The difference is in the innovation. WAVELABS also represents a new, sustainable way of thinking and acting. And that’s the first step to making a better world. The renewable energy sector carries a much greater responsibility now than it did even just a decade ago. Solar cell manufacturers need to prove that the transition to alternative energy is economically feasible. Consequently, measurement technology has an especially important role within the photovoltaic industry.
The more precise the measurement, the more certain the return on investment becomes. For the manufacturer, for the customer, and for the energy revolution.



WAVELABS has set off to completely revolutionize ever aspect of solar simulation from installation and maintenance through to the potential applications of the technology. We feel technology should conform to people’s needs — not the other way around. That’s why each component of the user interface is right where the user intuitively expects it to be.


WAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems GmbH was founded in October 2011 by Dr. Torsten Brammer, Jörn Suthues and Dr. Thankmar Wagner. An experienced startup team, the three entrepreneurs bring to the table a total of 30 years experience in the photovoltaic industry with over a decade of international expertise in the fields of business, law, and taxes. WAVELABS’ founders have worked with a number of renowned organizations including Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Q-Cells SE, Sunfilm AG, and Shearman & Sterling LLP. In addition to the company headquarters in Leipzig, WAVELABS also has a branch office in Münster, where the company’s research and development department and administrative functions are located. Additional WAVELABS locations are planned to extend the company’s global reach.


Color theory plays an important role in modern corporate and product design. WAVELABS has chosen orange. But why?

Orange achieves a mixture of light and warmth by combining the primary colors red and yellow. The analogous color scheme orange-red-yellow is the color palette of energy, with orange most closely resembling the color of fire. Of all the colors, orange is the most attention-grabbing. That’s why orange is the color of alerts, signaling optimism, joy, inspiration, creativity and communication. It generates associations of warmth, protection, fun, and youthfulness.

Even Goethe appreciated the special powers of the color of orange. He recommended parents to paint the walls of their children’s rooms orange because the color fosters the development of artistic, intellectual, and creative individuals. And of course orange is a perfect fit for a company in the solar industry — the light of sunrise and sunset is orange, just like WAVELABS. LED’S GO ORANGE from dawn till dusk.