Leipzig, Germany, June 14, 2024 – Carsten W. Hense joined the German manufacturer of LED-based solar simulators, WAVELABS, as the new Managing Director and CEO on May 1, 2024. Alongside Carsten, Antje Günther completes the management team as Senior Director of Organizational Development.

Carsten W. Hense brings extensive management experience to WAVELABS. His previous roles include MD/COO at Rosenthal GmbH, CEO of Buffet Crampon Germany GmbH, and Director of Production/Member of the Management Committee at Montblanc Simplo GmbH. He has also worked independently and with PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a management consultant. Before joining WAVELABS, he founded the PV consultancy and installation company NordWindSolar GmbH. As the new CEO and Managing Director of WAVELABS, Carsten will focus on driving sales and business development.

“WAVELABS has become one of the most established names in solar metrology. I am delighted to help drive such an innovative company forward,” emphasized Carsten. “Photovoltaics is a market with huge opportunities and one of the main pillars of the energy transition for a sustainable future. Humanity is on the path to achieving 1 TW annual production capacity and mainstream solar cell efficiencies reaching 30%. We aim to grow our service offerings to our R&D customers and solar cell manufacturers with even more sophisticated solutions to meet the demand for higher efficiencies and cost-efficient factories.“

Antje Günther has led transformative processes and team development initiatives across numerous international companies and industries. In her most recent roles, she has overseen Software Development and IT departments, with a particular emphasis on change management, leadership development, and cultivating a positive company culture. In her new role at WAVELABS, she is responsible for optimizing internal processes and continuously developing the team, now over 100 employees across all regions.

Dr. Torsten Brammer, advisory board member and co-founder of WAVELABS, welcomes the new management appointments: “WAVELABS has a clear goal of being a significant driver in the global expansion of the photovoltaic industry. Our technology team is constantly improving our Solar Metrology Systems, advancing the characterization of the next generation of cells and modules. We are very pleased to bring Carsten and Antje on board for our mission. With them, and our highly skilled team of LED Heroes, we can continue to grow both our business and our commitment to sustainability.”