Litos Lite

WAVELABS and Swiss company Fluxim have collaborated to offer researchers a ready-to-use solution for stress-testing thin-film solar cells. Fluxim’s Litos Lite is an advanced measurement tool capable of conducting current-voltage (JV) and stability measurements on several thin-film solar cells (like perovskite and organic solar cells) in parallel, according to the ISOS Protocols.

Litos Lite can accommodate a wide array of channel configurations, with options ranging from 24 to 56 channels, catering to different laboratory scales and research requirements. It offers the flexibility of stressing thin film solar cells with constant voltage, constant current, or Maximum Power Point (MPP) tracking.

Litos Lite comes with a custom-made sample holder which is engineered for quick and easy mounting under a solar simulator.

These holders are enclosed and are designed with the customer to fit their specific sample geometries and measurement channel configurations.

They come with a heater controlled by a PID controller for precise temperature stabilization up to 85°C.

Litos Lite is pre-configured to work out of the box with solar simulators from WAVELABS, which can be fully controlled by the Litos Lite software, further enhancing its capability for comprehensive solar cell analysis.

This platform stands out for its high-throughput capability, making it a suitable choice for labs seeking efficient and accurate solar cell characterization at scale. Whether it’s for fundamental research or quality control, Litos Lite provides a reliable, customizable, and user-friendly solution for solar cell measurement and analysis.

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