The Leipzig-based world market leader for LED-based solar simulators, WAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems GmbH, is reorganizing its personnel. The three WAVELABS founders Jörn Suthues, Dr. Thankmar Wagner and Dr. Torsten Brammer will in future drive the strategic development of WAVELABS together with the financial investor Andreas Hülsmann (Golden Circle, Hamburg) through the newly created advisory board. The new managing directors are Jörn Suthues and Dr. Patrick Mergell.

Leipzig, September 22, 2022 – WAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems GmbH was founded in September 2011 by Jörn Suthues, Dr. Thankmar Wagner and Dr. Torsten Brammer. Within a decade, the three founders led their company, which specializes in solar metrology, from a start-up to the global market leader for LED solar simulators with customers in 32 countries and a market share of around 30 percent. The 90 employees of the Leipzig-based technology company – including more than 30 in research and development – generated sales of around 29 million euros in 2021.

Dr. Patrick Mergell, the new managing director at WAVELABS, most recently successfully built up the new module flasher business field. The 52-year-old has many years of management and industry experience in photovoltaics as well as medical, electrical and climate control technology. “I am delighted to be able to help set the course for the future at WAVELABS,” says Dr. Patrick Mergell. “We would like to open up further markets in the future. At the same time, we will expand our status as an innovator in the cell and module flasher segment,” said Mergell, explaining the future prospects for WAVELABS.

Jörn Suthues, initiator and shareholder of WAVELABS, is once again moving into the role of managing director. He already held this position when the company was founded until 2018. In parallel, he will be involved in the advisory board for strategic development. “With our first LED solar simulator, the SINUS-220, we succeeded ten years ago in revolutionizing the market for measurement systems for the characterization of solar cells. In the future, we will continue to support the industry with innovative solutions, including software, to reduce the cost of solar power.”

Managing Director Dr. Torsten Brammer, who has been active since the company was founded, will remain a shareholder and move to the advisory board. In this new role, he will continue to lead WAVELABS to further success in the areas of business development, product management and marketing. “I have worked with Patrick in the past and look forward to working with him again. He brings all the essential experience and skills to successfully develop the company.”

As CFO, Dr. Thankmar Wagner is responsible for legal, tax and finance. As a member of the advisory board and shareholder, he will continue to provide helpful support to the new management for these tasks. “At WAVELABS, the vision of a 100 percent renewable energy supply has ensured a high level of commitment even in difficult moments,” says Wagner, summing up the early days as a start-up. “I am happy that my expertise was able to contribute to putting WAVELABS on a solid and sustainable growth course. I am convinced that with the new management team, we will be able to seamlessly build on our previous successes.”