Leipzig, Germany, June 20, 2024 – WAVELABS, the German developer and producer of LED-based solar simulators, is presenting its expanded product portfolio for module characterization at Intersolar Europe in Munich (June 19-21, 2024). Alongside the SINUS-3000 PRO and the SINUS-3000 ADVANCED, the Leipzig-based company is showcasing the SINUS-430 ADVANCED mini-module tester for the first time.

The SINUS-430 ADVANCED specializes in characterizing solar cells and mini-modules made with thin-film and perovskite technology. Project manager Hans-Christian Schaich: “Remarkable progress has been made in the field of perovskite technology in recent years. With big research, record efficiencies of 34% have already been achieved for small laboratory cells. Our SINUS-430 ADVANCED closes the gap between small-scale cell characterization and module-size research and production.”

The SINUS-430 ADVANCED product highlights include:

  •  The LED Advantage: Customizable spectrum with single tunable LEDs offering endless R&D possibilities.
  • World-Class Light Engine: Exceeding class A+A+A+ (IEC 60904-9), calibration lab level accuracy with outstanding spectral non-uniformity (< 1%) and a wide range of exposure times, up to continuous illumination.
  • Tandem-Ready: Automatic spectrum calibration and 25+ different LED channels allow current mismatch tuning.
  • All Sample Sizes Covered: Illuminated area up to 306 mm x 306 mm.
  • Fast All-in-One Characterization: Optional RapidWAVE®-EQE, integrated electroluminescence (EL), photoluminescence (PL), and synchronized infrared (IR) camera.
  • Full Spectral Control: Built-in spectrometer and intensity sensor with automated feedback loop ensure long-term stability of the defined spectrum.

The SINUS-430 ADVANCED “big brother”, the SINUS-3000 ADVANCED, is ideally suited for the demanding research of modules based on multi-junction technology like perovskite-silicon tandem (PST) or other novel materials. A research team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) recently succeeded in producing the world’s most efficient PST solar module in industrial format. The SINUS-3000 ADVANCED Solar Simulator was used for measuring this record-breaking module and sets a milestone towards achieving a standardized characterization procedure for PST modules.

As one further solution for module characterization the WAVELABS portfolio comprises a tabletop LED solar simulator. The SINUS-3000 PRO incorporates the full set of end-of-line tests in one tool for rapid classification and defect detection in modern PV module production lines and R&D. This year, WAVELABS was nominated for the “The smarter E AWARD 2024” in the “Photovoltaics“ category for the SINUS-3000 PRO. This prize, previously known as the Intersolar AWARD, is presented to companies making a substantial contribution to the industry’s success. WAVELABS was nominated for the prestigious award for the second time in a row. In 2023, the jury honored the SINUS-360 ADVANCED, an all-in-one solution for accurate and rapid characterization of PV cells in research and test environments.