2021 has been another exciting year for WAVELABS. Besides many exciting projects and developments, we decided to put a higher focus on a topic, which matters most to us: Sustainability!

All WAVELABS members were invited to help to make our company, our processes and our daily work more sustainable. It was amazing to see how many great ideas we collected. Switching to eco-friendly transport modes for business trips, reducing trash and implementing Ecosia as default search engine are just a few examples. We are looking forward to the next exciting sustainable steps in 2022: A carbon footprint analysis for WAVELABS as well as job bikes and job tickets as a benefit for our employees.

Last but not least, we decided to keep our season’s greetings virtual this year. Not only is it more environmentally friendly than sending postcards but it also allows us to donate the savings to an organization, we believe will help to shape a more sustainable future: Fridays for Future!

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and sustainable year of 2022!

The Sustainables