Two key objectives drive solar cell manufacturers to innovate: decreasing production costs and enhancing cell efficiency. So far, pinpointing the root causes of varying or insufficient cell performance has proved to be a meticulous and time-consuming task – a never-ending game of trial and error. WAVELABS’ latest innovation – the WAVELABS Flashboard – addresses this problem by introducing the first intelligent and automated big data solution for solar cell production.

“WAVELABS Flashboard helps cell manufacturers of any size to identify the factors that truly affect their cell efficiency losses during production and mitigate the root causes,” said Bernhard Klöter, Lead Data Analyst at WAVELABS.

Manufacturers generally have a lot of data at their disposal which, in theory, could help them optimize production costs and solar cell efficiency. However, analyzing the multitude of data points in a fast, reliable, and meaningful way proves to be difficult. This issue is solved by WAVELABS Flashboard, which identifies the true causes of cell efficiency losses and reveals areas for improvement.

By combining, consolidating, and analyzing production data quickly, businesses can gain obvious advantages in any manufacturing industry. WAVELABS Flashboard combats the common fragmentation of manufacturing data in PV production and enables rapid and advanced analysis of hundreds of data points across all production stages using machine-learning technology. The level of oversight and convenience provided by WAVELABS Flashboard makes it an invaluable asset, enabling businesses to determine the optimal parameter settings.

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