Fraunhofer CSP has another shiny new flasher from WAVELABS in its metrology lab, and it comes powered by 18 LED channels, housed by 60 light engines perfectly engineered and meticulously flashing onto a 2m x 1m surface.  The engineers at WAVELABS have done it again with the nearly 3m tall and 6m wide SINUS-2100p.  A class A+++ spectrum with flash times up to continuous light sets a new standard for module flashers in the solar industry.  Wondering what your solar module will yield under the Los Angeles noon sun in summer? Beijing at dusk in the fall? Dial it all in and Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) analysis for literally anywhere on the planet is now achievable!

See what Dr Marko Turek has to say about the numerous possibilities the ‘Parachute’ offers the Fraunhofer CSP lab in this recent press release: