When you put your heart and soul into developing a new technology, there are never any guarantees.

So you can imagine how pleased we are to report the first sale of our SINUS-220 LED solar simulator.

And what pleases us even more is where our pride and joy is going: to none other than Hanwha Q CELLS, a leading figure in the solar industry responsible for some of the most advanced technology on the market.

This is precisely the type of collaboration we have envisioned all along — one in which unique WAVELABS technology will make photovoltaics even more efficient and profitable for everyone.

But what does Hanwha Q CELLS have to say about their latest equipment purchase?

Dr. Jörg Müller, head of cell development at Hanwha Q CELLS, remarked: “From the silicon wafer‘s receiving inspection through to final testing, the production of Hanwha Q CELLS solar cells is fully automated. As a result of this automation, we are already able to manufacture solar cells with efficiencies greater than 19%. The SINUS-220 can accurately detect and provide early warning of process instabilities during production. This capability lets us deploy new processes from the lab to the production line with greater speed and efficiency. WAVELABS is enabling us to achieve the efficiency milestones on our roadmap faster and more reliably.“

We hope this will be only one of many fruitful partnerships that will accelerate the green energy revolution.