Impulse Talks @ WAVELABS

Performance & Safety of Solar-Electric Vehicles

Livestream on November 26. 9:00 – 10:00 CET
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Solar-EVs promise autonomous charging, adding many kilometers of driving range per day. This reduces range-anxiety in drivers and makes EVs generally cheaper to own and easier to operate.

At WAVELABS we believe in a 100% sustainable energy future. Making our vision a reality will require many different players in industry, science, and regulators to come together to tackle countless challenges.

We see several potential challenges in the lifecycle of Solar-Electric Vehicles, and we want to be involved in finding solutions. This is the spirit in which we invite experts to give impulse-talks about “Performance and Safety of Solar-Electric Vehicles”.

Examples of challenges we see:

  • How to communicate the benefit of ViPV to consumers
  • Ensuring longevity and safety of PV systems on the road
  • Cost of embedding PV cells into odd-shaped vehicle body parts
  • Standardization of the Solar contribution to charging an EV
  • Valuing a Solar-Electric vehicle in the used car market, etc


  • Dr. Emanuele Cornagliotti, Lightyear
  • Dr. Bonna Newman, TNO
  • Dr. Tuukka Savisalo, Valoe Oyj
  • Jochen Markert, Fraunhofer ISE
  • Lars Löhle, Sono Motors

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